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Three Things Thursday – November 09, 2017

Accidently posted this the first time to the wrong blog – Oooops, LOL.

Time for another Three Things Thursday hosted by Natalie over at There She Goes.
So what made us smile this week?? Hmmm that’s a hard one. Not too surprising, I know, but to add to that, me and the hubby had a bit of a fight/disagreement which put us both in moods not conducive to smiling. It’s okay, we’ve worked things out, but my mind hasn’t been on smiley things.

Right now (it’s actually Saturday) my son is taking a Merit Badge class to earn his Citizenship of the World which is an eagle required merit badge. Don’t know if he’d consider that something to smile about or not (he’s doesn’t smile about much, none of us do really), but I’m proud of him for deciding to go for his eagle (following earning Life).

My son is also getting ready to earn his next belt level in Martial Arts. He actualy tests on Monday so I’ll let you kow next Thursday how he does.


Tuesday Chatter – November 07, 2017

How is everyone’s Tuesday going so far?  

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to “chat” about.  It’s another one of those ‘life as usual’ weeks.

I’ve been trying to do something called the #cinchChallenge (It has to do with Social Media posting foryou Direct Sales businesss).  Today we were suppose to post about our businesses for Job Action Day. So I posted these.

Anotther day had us posting an A/B/C/D image:

And another day asked us to post our favorite quick/easy week/school night recipe… I went with home made soup (with homemade broth made from the trimmings of vegetables (I shared this recipe once a while back- What to do with vegetable scraps).

Tonight is the last class for the CPA (Citizens Police Academy) I’ve been taking…  We’ll be learning. about defensive tactics and such, and then doing some scenarios.

I also learned that my son will be doing belt testing (for his Orange belt) next Monday.  He’s also been working out to get ready for then annual troop backpacking campout coming up in a couple weeks.

Guess that’s pretty much it for me.  What’s been going on with you all??  Hope you’re all having a Terrific Tuesday.  

Sunday Skies – November 05, 2017

#ThreeThingsThursday – November 02, 2017

Time for another Three Things Thursday.

The other day, the arm rest snapped off of The Hubby’s wheelchair. Thankfully we were able to find a temporary fix today, until the actual part needed comes in.

The son has been working on his next Kata as well as his defense moves (and a few other things) to get ready to test for his next belt.
The Citizen Police Academy that The Wife is taking will soon be drawing to a close…. Just a few more weeeks left till “graduation day”.

Tuesday Chatter:  October 31, 2017

Only got a few minutes before I have to run…. Been a while since we’ve joined the Tuesday Chatter with our host Eugenia (over at Brew n Spew).

Life has pretty much been Life lately.  Not exceptionally good or bad, just…. Life.  Nothing really new or exciting to speak of..

The son is still doing reasonably good in school and feels that his current school experience is probably the best he’s experienced.  He’s still working on his Life Rank in scouts and is learning a new Kata in Martial Arts.

The wife is still volunteering with the local police department and is in Direct Sales as an Indpendent Consultant for both Gemstra and Mary Kay.  

The Hubby has been into his railroad stuff as well as some torah study type stuff.

Well,  I’d better be going.  Hoping you all have a blessed and wonderful week.
The Wife.

It Happens

Life Happens…. It Happens…  In some cases you can add to that “it”.  This happened to the Hubby yesterday. 

He has pushed down on the arm rest to stand up for a sec and next thing we know his arm rest just snapped right off.  

The whole thing was so unexpected that he nearly fell out of the chair.   Thankfully he was next to the counter (he has to hold on to somethign when he stands) and I was standing right next to him at the time.

SkyWatch Friday – October 27, 2017

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