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#ThreeThingsThursday – October 12, 2017

Joining Natalie (from There She Goes), after a long absence, for Three Things Thursday.

I think the actual idea is to list three things that made us smile this last week, but we’re not a family smilers so I’m changing this up abit to be three things that happened this week.

Well for starters, this lsat week was Sukkot for us.  We did go to a sukkah party on Sunday and were able to partake of nourishment within said sukkah.

Another thing that hasn’t actually happened yet but it is related to something that happened this last week…  After a recent visit to the dentist, my son has an appointment to be evaluated to see if he needs to have his wisom (or 3rd molars) removed.  Wouldn’t surprise me if he did – both me and The Husband have had to have ours removed when we were about his age.

And finally, there was the National Night Out which, really, I only went to as the rest of the familly isn’t into the whole Fire/EMS/Police scene like I am.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Wonderful weekend.  


Making Old Beans Palatable 

So what do you do with old (but sitll edible) black & red that have turned mushy and flavorless, to make them palatable??  Find a way to turn them into a fake chili.  Here’s what we did…..

Chop up some onion & garlic.  Then start off by cooking your ground beef along with some chili seasoning.  When the beef is partly done add in your onion, and then your garlic.  Last of all chop fresh tomato and add that in at the last second along with the pre-made beans.  And there you go  a “chili” of sorts.

#TuesdayChatter: October 10, 2017

Sorry – Jumping in here a day late on the Tuesday Chatter…. Do I get an  “A for effort” for actually making it this week, at. all?!?  Not 100% sure I made it last week or if I ended up (inadvertently) blowing it off last week.

Really, if I’m to be honest, there isn’t much to chat about these days.  Not really anything going on.  Kinda same ole same ole, so I guess me missing weeks here and there isn’t that big a big deal.

We are in the midst of Sukkot here (which I guess could best be described as being like the christian holiday of Pentacost or Tabernacles.

Hubby’s eyes are doing good.  A little back history, he had had cataract surgery on both eyes (different months) a while back.  Recovery of both eyes has gone quite well.

The Son continues to do well in school.

For personal reasons, I decided to stop doing the Farm & Art Market thing I was doing on Thursdays….  This does’t mean that I’ve stopped supporting the event and would hope that if you are in the Tucson area on a Thursday evening you would stop by and check out the event.

Well I guess that pretty well wraps it up for this week.  Hope you are all having a wonderful & blessed week thus far.

#TuesdayChatter – October 03, 2017

Hi,  Hello there…. Not a lot of time chat.  Getting ready to head off to my Tuesday evening Citizen Police Academy class.  I want to say we’re close to half- way through (give or take).

The driving portion of the course, the part where we actually get to try our hand at driving an actual police car (on a closed course, of course) is coming soon.  I keep wondering if I’ll have the courage to actually drive this time around instead of chickening out like I did last time.   I did ride with one of the officers who was also on the course (acting as a “backup officer”) which turned out to be an…ummmmm….interesting (yeah, that works) ride.  Perhaps I’ll share more on that later (when I have more time).

While I’m doing my CPA (see above) class the son will be doing his scout thing, working towards his Life Rank (well maybe not directly, but that’s his next rank before he starts his journey to Eagle (Yep,  He’s decided to go for broke, I mean Eagle).

Well, time to get myself together and get out of here.  Wishing you all a wonderful & blessed rest of the week.

Be sure and Join Eugenia (our host for Tuesday Chatter) over at Brew N Spew.

#TuesdayChatter – September 26, 2017

Trying to get back into the swing of posting again (at least back to where I was before when I was posting, regularly, for challenges and such – Let’s see how it goes…..

Honestly, you haven’t missed a whole lot since I last posted.  Son is still in martial arts and in scouts (actually have a bit of news on that front), and is still doing fine in school. I’m still doing Mary Kay and Gemstra/Jewelscent, still volunteering with the local police department, and still doing the other volunteer type  stuff I do.  Hubby well he’s still doing his stuff to (mostly train & synagogue type stuff).So pretty boring all in all.

I mentioned my son and scouts…  He is currently at the “Star Scout” rank and is working on earning his Life.  He has to be a Star Scout for 6 months (which he’ll have done sometime in October) plus has to be in his current position (office) for 6 months (that’ll be done by the time the next court of honor rolls around).  The only thing he really has to get done is to get both his service hours as well as conservation hours in and he’ll earn his Life Rank (after, of course completing all the board review and other required meetings)….  Then he starts the final journey to earning his Eagle.   Need to find some ways for him to earn his conservation hours…  and time to start thinking about what he might want to do for his Eagle project.

That’s pretty much it for us…  What’s been going on with you all.

I’m posting this as a part of Tuesday Chatter (hosted by Eugenia over an Brew N Spew)

The Bloom-Twilight Market in #Tucson Arizona 

*Correction:  The photographs in the vendor booth shown  below was by Henry Sautter not Steven Crane….  My deepest apologies to Henry and to his wife (shown in the photograph I took).*

Every other Thursday I’ve been putting up a table at the Bloom-Twilight Farm/Art Market on Coachline Blvd in Marana, Arizona.

The event actually takes place every Thursday evening.  The summer hours have been 5pm – 8pm but will be switching to 4pm- 8pm in another week or so once in starts cooling off.    If you live in the Tucson area, you definitely want to stop by and check it out.

I took a little bit of time while I was there one  Thursday, to get photos of some the vendors to share with you.

Of course I was there….

There was actually two Lula Roe gals with their clothing

And, course you’ve got to check out Thirty-One’s Bags, Purses, and more (to go with the Lula Roe)…

Need your scissors or knives sharpened?? Stop by and see these guys…

Then stop by and make your own Candles at Pink Zebra – Fun With Sprinkles.

Check out the gorgeous photography by Steven Crane Sr.

And woodwork by G&D Crafts

Always a friendly smile

And delicious baked goods

Speaking of food…  stop by and try Wilson’s Kettle Corn and Freshly-Squeezed Shaken Lemonade.

Don’t forget the kiddos, and horsey rides at Step Up to TLC…  Here we have YahYa (the Arabian horse) and Jilly (the Pony).  They love to give rides.

And, of course you can’t leave without getting some Hand-Picked Produce and Fresh Jams.

#TuesdayChatter – August 29, 2017

www.gemstra.com/tenacarrTime for some Tuesday Chatter…. My apologies for missing out on last week.  Wish I had some wonderful excuse to for y’all – like we were out saving the world or something, LOL. But we weren’t. I just never got around to it and next thing I knew, it was then end of the week, and then the weekend, and then…..

I have been spending a bunch of time, over the last week or so, getting a new business set up. You’ve heard me mention that I’m a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, right?!? Well I recenty decided to join Gemstra/Jewelscent as well – LOL, Don’t worry I’m not going to go off the deep end and start joining tons of dfferent Direct Sales companies.  I have my gemstra boutique set up and am having a launch party through September 03 (virtual link for party).

In other news…. The new school continues to go well for our son.  At least there hasn’t been any negative developments and things seem to be going okay.  He continues to do well in most all his classes (though English seems to be a bit of a struggle right now). He’s already completed one of the courses he’s taken this semester and is 85% done in another course.

In more global news, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  I’m not gonna try to find all the links and reports and all but they are saying that Harvey has made the record for the amount of rainfall coming out of a Hurricane and last I heard, the rain wasn’t over yet.  I have friends in Texas (some in nearby areas where Harvey has affected).  So far everyone that I know seems to be okay but I know there are many who are in need of help and shelter. Consider doing something to help – volunteer, donate, whatever….  There’s lots of things out there if you  look – I’ll leave the details to you to decide on.  Just be cautious of scammers (yeah, I have special thoughts of hell for scammers who prey on those affected and those who want to help others 😡😡)

Blessings and Peace to you all and (G-d willing) I’ll see you next week.