Been awhile since I’ve done anything here (In fact the last I posted anything was back in 2012) but I recently started this Zero to Hero challenge on the other blogs I either own or admin on and thought “What the heck” why not do the challenge here as well and actually start blogging here instead of just letting it sit.

I’m actually doing 4 challenges-in-one today in order to catch up without having to go and write 4 separate blogs.  5:30 – 6am comes early and sleep would probably be a good thing (considering I was up late last night & early this morning).

A quick (or not so quick) Introduction:

Actually I am posting on the behalf of my family so I should introduce all of us:

2014 0104 family pic

Taken January 2014 at a “Downton Abby” party (based on 1920’s Brittain – I believe)


The Pappa/Hubby: Also known as DaPenguin or Top Cat.   The term “dapenguin” came about from back when hubby use to wear more black & white.  At that time, he was also able to mobilitate (yes, that is a made up word – far as I know) and when he did, he waddled like (and looked like) a penguin.   I can’t really recall how or why Top Cat came about except that it has to do with his name and with the cat he had when we first got together (Spokane or Spoker Boker).   As you see TC is the one in the wheelchair (has been so for the past 25 years – but that’s another post).   His big interest/hobby is trains which he blog about over at SN42 Experience.

The Son:  Also known as Goober, Sambo Rambo, and (on ocassions) Brat, but we usually call him Sam. He’s a Tweenager soon to be a Teenager (hang on it’s gonna be a bumpy ride).   He’s at that lovely age where nothing is of interest to him (unless you count being on the computer all day – when not in school).   When he is interacting with us (or others) it’s at a speed of about 9 million miles per second.   Keeping up with his mind can become tiring at times.   He may only be 12 going on 13, but the thoughts he comes up with are often times more advanced than his age.   In some ways he reminds me of a child version of the stereotypical “absent-minded professor”….   His mind is constantly going, but he lacks somewhat in social graces and other social abilities (example – the other day he was asked to walk a little girl across the street to her home…..  his response – why?).  He doesnt’ seem to get why the way we dress, act, etc is important – but we’re getting there.

The Mamma/Wife (myself): Also known as Honey or Mom or Tena.   I am the owner of 2 other blogs here on Word Press – Jottings and Writings (where I post my personal thoughts & opinions and “take a stab” at writing) and FES Tidbits (a place where I share information related to the Fire Service and EMS fields – both for the professionals and general public).   I also am the admin on a 3rd site Author Jerrid Edgington (Paramedic & Author of  Racing the Reaper).   As you can see by FES Tidbits, my main interest is in stuff related to Fire and EMS fields.  I actually was licensed as an EMT-I (as in one not Intermediate).  They say hindsight is 20/20 – they’re right – I didn’t stay current and keep up with the CE’s necessary maintain certification.   I also enjoy writing (mostly short stories and poems – which I post over on my personal blog) and like to read as well (when time allows).   I wouldn’t say Social Media is an “interest” but aspects of it intrigue me a t times.

Meekah Kitty: Also known as furry, 4-legged Meow Beast or furry, 4-legged alarm clock.   She’s a Maine Coone mix that was 2 years old when we got her almost a year ago (closer to 3 years, if not over, now). You can find her over on  Twitter (when she’s not doing what cat’s do).

Her favorite place when we brought her home…..

Meekah's favorite place when we first brought her home.

She still loves drawers and boxes:



The Blog Name and What’s on our Mind:

This is taking longer than expected and my eyes are starting to droop.   When I first “registered” this blog, we were looking at getting a house on a fairly good amount of land and have a large garden and animals and such  (kind of farm like – or close to).   The idea was to blog about Life, but things didn’t quite go as planned….  As they say (and as my blog title says) “Life Happens”…..  So what am I going to be blogging about now???   To be honest I’m not sure yet but the name will still fit, because no matter where your at no matter what your doing…..  Life Happens.

There is one more assignment I haven’t done yet which is to follow 5 blogs….  First, the WordPress “Reader” is connected (if I understand right) to your account, not each individual blog and I’m already following a pretty good number (though it’s all relative – what’s considered a lot to some is barely any to another).   I do need to set up a “blog roll”  on my side bar, but it’s after 11pm and I’ve got a 6am alarm (that’s if Meedkah Kitty doesn’t decide to wake me up earlier).   There are a couple that I want to be sure to add:  Mamma Bear MusingsWritings and Ruminations, and Gunnar Speaks