Here it is 10:30 at night and I really do need to be heading to bed…  After taking something like Tylenol for tooth that is starting to get achy, which (incidentally) leads me to my rant (not that there’s a darn thing that can be done).

Called, today, to find out if (by any chance) any kind of dental work is covered by our “insurance”…..  The answer?  Nope not at all.  Only thing that is covered would be emergency dental care and that only covers things like x-ray of tooth, antibiotics, pain killers.   Doesn’t cover extraction or any kind of actual dental work (even emergency dental work)….   If you ask me that is seriously messed up.

I shouldn’t complain many are out there without having medical insurance at all…  I  was in the boat for a few years – Three years of not being able to go to the doctor AT ALL because I couldn’t afford regular insurance and was denied low cost (due to technicality that couldn’t be fixed) – And there was NO WAY to afford paying out-of-pocket.  At least now I have some semblance of health insurance….  But here I am with no way to get dental care and a tooth that has been in need of extraction for the past few years.

Save up the money you say? – First of all, if we can manage to save $25 in a month we’re doing great (often times can’t even do that because our finances are so frickin tight)…. Second, seems like there’s always something that needs to be taken care ( a higher than usual bill to be taken care of or get shut off, a repair needed for the vehicle, house repair, etc and so forth….

What can you do?!?  Life Happens!!!!

~ Tena