Hi folks It’s Tena (The Wife).  Just spent some time over at Jottings and Writings and now (as promised over there) I’m back over here…

I didn’t post anything yesterday and so, for those not following along with the Zero to Hero challenge, just a quick recap….   We were to find 3 blogs to comment on.  I could look at this one of two ways….  A) Since comments are done as a single gravatar regardless of the number of blogs you happen to have set up, then 3 would suffice…. Or B) 3 for each of the sites you maintain…. Ummmm, yeah,  I’m going to go with A – Seeing as how I didn’t even get to comment on but one new post (Make that one total old, new, or otherwise)

That post was I Should Be Mopping Floors…. You know, I don’t know if it was the whole thing about mopping floors or the crocheting that captured my attention first… Well actually I should go back a step… It really all started in the Forum for Day 11 When I saw the words “Easy Going Mamma” attached to the little icon(?) thingy next to a comment on the thread….  Of course I had to check that out and the very first post on mopping floors…  Well let’s just say it was a perfect one to comment on since Sweeping/Mopping floors and Cleaning bathrooms are on the topmost of my “Uggghhh” list.  Not that I won’t do them if need be – Don’t get me wrong.

I also have to admire the crocheting she does for the troops.   I don’t spend much time at crocheting and such anymore, partly because it’s hard for me to do and partly because there are other things that have taken up my time…  But it’s something I enjoy (or did when I use to do it)….   One time I made (crocheted) a blanket for Hubby’s grandmother (who had suffered a stroke)..  She loved the blanket I sent her and used it to keep her legs warm (I should quickly note that she was in a wheelchair at this point)…   I have often wondered if something like that might not be appreciated by the veterans who are in wheelchairs… Heck  the wounded soldiers might too (but I think there are a bunch of rules on what you can use or not use, etc – for sanitary reasons, I understand)…  Guess it doesn’t much matter anyway.  Crocheting blankets would be a time consuming proposition and at the rate I’d be able to do it, would take me forever to do a single blanket.  I am, however, apart of the Letter Writing Team at Soldiers Angels and recently joined a group called Medical Teams Deployed.  It isn’t much, but it’s something – a way of saying Thank You for there service to our country…. Speaking of Letter Writing….  I need to get to writing my letter for this week.

Catch you all later.  Take Care


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