What do you do with vegetable scraps when you don’t have a garden to use them in (as compost) – besides throw them out?? Why use them to make soup of course…. Or rather the broth.

We keep our trimmings, peelings, and other such vegetable “wastes” in a 2 gallon zip-lock bag in the freezer (you can re-use the bag, but will need to replace every once in a while). Pretty much everything vegetable goes into the bag, even tomato (ok that’s technically a fruit).


Just keep adding to the bag until you get a good amount of scraps. When your ready to make your soup, simply put your vegetables scraps into a pot, cover with water, and boil the heck out of it. You can also add raw meat of choice (ie: chicken if making chicken soup) – just make sure meat doesn’t get cooked so much it falls apart and gets lost in the vege scraps (you’ll see why).


Once you’ve sufficiently “boiled the heck out of those veges (we usually do a good hour) strain your vegetable scraps out & toss (make sure you save your broth).


After the broth is done, you can either freeze to use later or make into a delicious pot of soup.