Keep meaning to post this and just not getting around to it. So, decided I’d better just buckle down and get ‘er done!!

I came up with the idea of doing “rainbow stir-fry” for no reason other than ‘I thought it would be fun’.

For colors I used:
Red: Red Bell Pepper & Radishes
Orange: Orange Bell Peppers & Carrots.
Yellow: Yellow Bell Peppers & Yellow Squash (summer squash?)
Green: Green Bell Peppers, Asparagus, Celery, Green Onions
I didn’t have anything in the blue/purple range, but you could do red onions, eggplant(?), red cabbage….

For Flavor:
Sweet: Pineapple (you could substitite an orange flavor)
Savory: Basil
Spice: Ginger

The color of the dish was excellent, but didn’t quite “nail it” with the flavor – Needed more. Couldn’t taste basil and no “kick” to speak of. All in all dish was bland…. Good, but bland.

~ The Wife