I still have no theme in mind for this A to Z Challenge so I’m just going to take each day as it comes….

Today, for letter A, apple popped into mind.

One of out favorites is the “Pink Lady”, the other being “Honey Crisp”. Unfortunately these are the more expensive apples. Even I sale they can be upwards of $1.50 (+) a pound. Another one that I like is “Granny Smith” with swiss cheese (I wonder if a dish could be made that incorporated Granny Smith apples & melted swiss cheese – and how would it taste I wonder).

A new apple out is the “Lady Alice”. Pretty good actually… Nice flavor.

So what’s your favorite apple?

I know I’m suppose to be listing 5 blogs On here, but since I’m also doing this over at Jottings and Writings I’ll list my five over there.k