Started out the A to Z Challenge with no theme in mind…  Just thought I’d hodge-podge it.   Last night I was talking to hubby about what I should do for the letter “B” – Yes, I know I’m like 3 days late here, desperately trying to


catch up (Don’t ask).  He came up with Banana off the bat, then later came up with several other B words…  All related to food.  “Hey” he exclaims, “Why not make the theme related to food”.   Ummmm… Okay, but I want it to relate to us some how, not some food blog (not that I’m against food blogs if that’s what you do, but it’s not me).   So here we go…..


B is for BBQ

AtoZ - BGoogle BBQ and your sure to come up with a gazillion recipes for BBQ Sauce as well as articles (in the right time of year) relating to BBQ sauce contest and winners….    I like BBQ Sauces right up there with most anyone else, well except maybe your Die-Hards out there.  You know, the ones that eat sleep and…  well let’s leave it at that…  BBQ.

Tangy, Sweet, Sweet and Sour, maybe even a little Spicy (just not too much)…  The list of flavors could go on….  You can even make your own, simple, BBQ sauce with some Ketchup (tomatoe paste or possible sauce works good too), Molasses and whatever spices you want to throw in there to make the favors yours…  Have fun mix it up…

In Arizona (where I live) BBQing is a way of keeping the heat out of the house especially in the hot summer months.  Actually in that case it would technically be called Grilling as you cook on a grill…  Or do you cook on a BBQ or on a BBQ Grill or…..  Ok I’ll leave it at that and move on to the next letter.

I’ll be listing the blogs to checkout/follow over at Jottings and Writings on my A to Z Challenge posts.