Looks like our theme for this year’s  A to Z Challenge has changed – from Hodge-Podge to Food.


C is for Coffee
AtoZ - C when I first started drinking coffee I tended to lean towards the flavored variety, but I have found flavored creamers to work quite well for me. Personally, I like InDelight Brand

The husband prefers a more dark roast. His all-time favorite is SuperDark which is only available, to our knowledge, at Sprouts Farmers Market (our go to place for buying coffee beans). Our “house usual” is what we call TC blend – made up of Sumatra and (Ibelieve) French Dark Roast. There are days when the husband really wants his SuperDark. On those days, I find copious amounts of flavored creamer to help.


Ironically, the husband isn’t the big coffee drinker in the house I am… While he’s more of a soda person. One of my favorite moments is early mornings before anyone else is up – just me my coffee and my solitude.


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