Looks like our theme for this year’s  A to Z Challenge has changed – from Hodge-Podge to Family Flood….  I mean Food.


And what would coffee be without Donuts…..

AtoZ - D

When I was younger I worked at a Dunkin Donuts. The franchise owner of that store (who was good friends with my dad) later purchased the store and opened Sesame Donuts. To my knowledge, the store is still there and still operating under the same management. I swear, back when I was working at DD, I could eat donuts all day long and not gain a pound. Now, not so much.

One of the favorite donut places for me and my husband to go was “Krispy Kreme”… Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any anywhere around. Just wish there was a place to get a good kosher donut around here but with Passover around the corner guess that’s kind of a moot point for now.


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