With this A to Z Challenge post  it appears I am finally caught up….  Now for the challenge of keeping it that way.


E is for Eggs

AtoZ - E

The hubby and I (the wife) like our eggs just as much as the next guy.  Our son, on the other hand, is not an egg person.  He might have them once in awhile, but much prefers a bowl of cereal (his to go breakfast0.  Unfortunately for the hubby, eggs don’t really care much for him.   They tend to make him all gaseous (more so that most) and tend to need to be avoided at times when he’s going to be around other people a lot – In other words not the breakfast of choice if he’s going to be spending the day at a conference or in meetings.

When we do have eggs, we tend to do scrambled as they are the easiest to make.  But don’t be mistaken, good scrambled eggs are not as easy as one might think.  Getting them exactly right does take some work…  Not long enough on the stove and they are undercooked and watery, but just a moment too long and they can become overcooked and rubbery.

Every once in a while, I will attempt fried eggs…  Not the easiest for me to do, but I can manage to get them to come out okay – though they always tend to come out darker than I’d like.   Personally I much prefer my fried eggs to have the whites done and the yolks runny (but not raw) so as to mop it up with a piece of toast – Mmmmmm YUMMMY!


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