No excuse for not getting this done yesterday….  Just didn’t get around to it before I ended up heading off to bed.  Hope your all enjoying the A-to-Z Challenge.


AtoZ - F

Traditional (long & skinny), Crinkle Cut, Curly, Home-Made, Store-Bought, Fast-Food.  French Fries are a popular american side dish, but there is a question out there as to where the French Fry Originated from.   It is said that the French Fry may have actually originated in Belgium not in France (as the name seems to suggest).  It really is a mystery…  One I’m not going to try and solve.   I think I’ll just enjoy my fries where ever it is they originate from.

A new one on the scene (I have no idea how new) is the  sweet potato french fry.   Those are actually pretty good and sometimes I (The Wife) actually prefer them over regular….  They can be a bit tricky to cook though and can go from not done to over done (burt) in a matter of minutes….  So you really gotta watch those little guys.

A while back, we bought a French Fry Cutter with the thought of making our own french fries from scratch.   We actually did use it a copule of times, but the machine we have doesn’t seem to cut the best so it ends up being a lot quicker (though more labor intensive) just doing it manually with a knife.


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