I’m still not sure if I am even on the A-to-Z Challenge list anymore.  When I looked yesterday I couldn’t find this blog.   The good news was that I did find my personal blog on there (turns out it had been moved up the list – most likely due to blogs above mine being removed from the list).  The bad news – This blog seems to be MIA.  I even looked several numbers up to see if the same thing that had happened on my personal blog had happened here, but to no avail….  LeSigh.   Whatever!!  I’m going to continue to do the challenge to the best of my ability – Regardless of whether or not this blog is “Officially” apart of the challenge….  SO THERE 😛


AtoZ - JI think I’ll start us off at the end of the list…  Jelly Beans – more specifically Jelly Bellys.  At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I’m going to say that I believe Jelly Belly brand Jelly Beans to be the very best out there.  I can hardly pass up the opportunity to get jelly belly Jelly Beans whenever I pass them.   I think the selling point would the fact that their flavors are realistic to the flavors being represented… Beyond realistic.  Bite into the marshmallow flavor and it not only has the taste of marshmallow, but the gooey type texture of marshmallow as well.  Same thing with the Pear flavor and buttered popcorn (some of my favorite Jelly Belly Flavors).

I did say that I was going to include Jams and Jellies in this here post which, to be honest, is also a little more related to my “Family Food” Theme.

So First of all let me clarify the difference between Jam & Jelly.  According to information obtained on “How Stuff Works” Jam contains the pulp of the fruit while Jelly does not (being made from the juices of the fruit).   Google Jam vs Jelly and your sure to find more information out there, but I’ll leave that to your discretion as to whether or not it’s something you want to do…  In the meantime, on with the blog.

Although we aren’t serious canners around here we have tried our hand at making Jam a few times.  They’ve actually come out quite well.  Jelly isn’t something we’ve tried around here and to be honest I don’t think we ever will.  Number one it seems to be just too much work to extract the juices from the fruit (unless your going to buy store bought fruit juice, but then that just seems to defeat the purpose.   Besides, we much prefer the chunkiness of the fruit and (not to sound like tree-hugging, earth-loving nuts) like to use all the fruit.  I guess we could use the pulp of the fruit in a different dish, but again there’s the extraction of juice to make the Jelly.