AtoZ-KThe only thing we could come up with for the letter K was “Kool-Aid”…  But what do you say about Kool-Aid?  To be honest, nothing comes readily to mind other than the obvious – That it’s a drink mix, one well known by many (at least around the United States).   Who doesn’t recall the person dressed up in the “Kool-Aid Pitcher” costume in many a commercial (at least from back in the days that I was growing up in the 80’s and into the 90’s).

With tight budget constraints, we tend to go w/ cheaper brands of “Kool-Aid” style drink mixes.  They may not be to the quality of Kool-Aid, but they aren’t bad.   We have found that there are a few flavors that seem to only be found by Kool-Aid brand drink mix – Course wouldn’t you know I can’t think of the specific flavors off the top of my head.  Kiwi-Strawberry does come to mind as does Mango (or is it Pineapple-Mango).   Ohhh yes, and Lemon-Lime.

Well I guess I’ll end my short post here as there really isn’t any more to say.  Have a great day and enjoy a Kool-Aid (or a low cost alternative).


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