Note: Since I’m doing this post on my phone, I’m going to have to leave out my usual A-to-ZChallenge alphabet badge (at least till later).

Whether or not we have leftovers really depends on the dish being made. If we make a soup or casseroles – as we use to do to make food stretch – there will (as you might expect) be leftovers. Any more, we tend to do stir-fry type dishes more than casseroles. We still do soup a lot, using the ends & skins from vegetables used in other dishes to make the broth.

When it comes to eating “leftovers” we go a couple different ways depending on a variety of factors (that I won’t get into).

One way is to eat a dish two nights in a row (the second night being leftovers).
The other is to make a dish and eat it one night and save the leftovers. The next night we’ll make another dish and eat that. Then, the third night, we eat the leftovers from the first night. Of course there are variations of how exactly that latter way can be played out.

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