AtoZ-OMy favorite way to have onions is sauteed with mushrooms in butter…  A lot of butter.  Money being tight, like it is, I haven’t done this dish for myself in awhile.  I’m thinking that next time I make onions & mushrooms, I should try adding some white wine to it.  I really think it would enhance the flavor tremendously.

Another great way to have onion is one my husband actually taught me about when when we first got married (on a camping trip).  Take an onion and quarter it from the top – but don’t cut all the way through to the bottom.  Spread the quarters just slightly and put copious amounts of butter within the quarters.   Wrap your buttered onion in aluminum foil and stick on the fire (or you can cook on a grill).

We also like to use onions in stir-fry and it’s great to use in tuna fish salad, chicken salad.  A little bit is great on regular (lettuce) salad.

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