AtoZ-PPasta,  It’s probably our son’s most favorite food.  Ask him what he wants for dinner and your almost always sure to hear “Spaghetti”  His sauce of choice being basically a plain Marinara style sauce.

For “Spaghetti” we use the narrower of Linguine and Fettucini.  You’ll have to pardon me while a draw a complete blank as to which that is right now – We just spent the last week without spaghetti in the house (see my post on Matzah).

A couple of times we’ve made homemade mac & cheese, which to my way of thinking is much better than store bought since you can put so many varieties of cheese and create such wonderful flavors.  Another thing that can be really good in mac & cheese (believe it or not) is hotdogs & tomatoes.

It seems that we have a pasta maker attachment on our kitchen-aid mixer and the thought has crossed my mind that we should try to make home-made pasta at some point.   I don’t know…  Maybe we’ll give it a try some day.