AtoZ-QWe really couldn’t think of anything to do with the letter Q.  The only things that came to mind were Quiche, Queso, and Quesadilla.  None of those are such that there’s much that I can post on in relation to our family (which has been my basic goal for this challenge).   The only thing I know about quiche is that it’s mainly an egg dish, but my husband isn’t a big fan of that much egg nor a fan of quiche so it isn’t something we’ve ever made.  Queso is basically a cheese sauce (put in it’s most simplified explanation – actually, I think it’s a bit more complex than that).  So that leaves Quesadilla….  the Q food that we actually have made.

We’ve done plain jane cheese quesadiias as well as “taking them to the next level” with onion, tomatoes, meat, peppers, etc.  Even doing double layered quesadillas.   It’s a signature snack dish around here.  Simple and easy to make.  You just need Tortillas (corn or flour or ?) and cheese (what flavor you desire or have on hand).  Added ingredients can be (again) whatever you desire or have on hand.

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