AtoZ-RThis could actually be considered an opposite  post.  Most of what I’ve been posting for the AtoZ challenge has to do with things we like or things we cook in our house (thus “Family Food”).  In this case it’s more a matter of something we have found needs to be avoided.

Through trial and error, we have found rice (even brown rice and basmati) to be a major problem when it comes to the husband’s sugar levels.  Not even potatoes or pasta give him THAT much trouble.  In fact he can still eat pasta dishes and potatoes as long as he has and eats in moderation.  Rice….  FORGET IT.  Even the littlest portion gives him problems.  Well maybe not a single spoonful, but at that point it’s hardly worth it.  The good news is that we’re really not major rice eaters around here so we really aren’t missing anything by giving it up.  I’m not a big fan of rice and I don’t think our son could care less – He’s really more into pasta to be honest