And for the “get ahead round”  we go for the letter S (actually due tomorrow/Tuesday).

AtoZ-SWe’ve actually started the habit of making homemade broth using the parts of vegetables that often times get thrown away (unless you have a garden going and use them in the compost pile.  It’s really very simple.  Just take your vegetable trimmings and store in the freezer in a plastic bag.  When the bag gets full put the contents of  said bag into a pot with enough water to cover (or a little more if so desire), cover, and boil the heck out of that baby.  You will want to keep an eye on your water levels so you don’t boil all your water away.   The end product is a flavorful vegetable broth (stocked full of all kinds of nutrients) that can be used  as the base for all kinds of soups, used to cook noodles or rice (if your family goes for rice), or even just eaten (or rather drank – or is it drunk – plain).  I wrote a post a while back that explains a bit on how we use our vegetable scraps.

We love to make soups around here.  It’s a great way to make food stretch and, although brothy soup doesn’t do much in the substance department (as far as being filling), nothing beats a nice hot bowl of soup  – Especially if your sick.  Good Home made Chicken Soup is considered  the “Jewish Penicillin” not to mention it’s just all-around good (and comforting).

Many years ago we use to make a vegetable soup (at that time, we weren’t making our own vegetable broth from vegetable scraps) that contained all kinds of vegetables.  In addition to the standard (Carrots, Celery, Onion, maybe Potato) there was parsnip, Green Beans, Leeks…  Whatever vegetables we thought to put in it.  Haven’t done that in a long while.  The cost of the “out of the ordinary” vegetable has just gotten to be too much.


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