AtoZ-TNot really sure what to say about Tortillas.  The husband was actually the one to come up with Tortillas for letter T.  One thing I could say is that while he likes Corn Tortillas, I much prefer Flour.  The brand we tend to buy most often is Mission.  I think it may have been Mission that was supporting the Wounded Warrior Project.

Earlier today (today by another few seconds) we were making hot dogs wrapped in corn tortillas.   I commented that I wished they could make corn tortillas that didn’t tear apart just from looking at them.

Tortillas are, of course, a main component to an earlier mentioned favorite snack (Quesadillas).

Cut up Tortillas and put in some oil in an iron skillet and fry and you’ve got easy to make chips that you can flavor any way you like from savory to sweet to  (your choice).

I know there’s got to be a gazillion ways to use Tortillas, but we’re already into the next day and my brain is ceasing to function.   So I’ll say Good Night and leave it at this.