Is it or Is it Not  a Vegetable…..

AtoZ-VActually, a lot of what we consider, or call, vegetables are not actually vegetables at all.  Technically speaking vegetables only refers to the leaf parts of a plant.  such as lettuce, greens, even celery.   We’ll start of simple with tomatoes.  We’ve all heard the is it a fruit is it a vegetable story…  In fact, it is technically a fruit as is cucumber.  Items like Carrots and Potatoes (including Sweet Potatoes) are actually called Tubers (not vegetables).  Believe it or not corn is technically a grain (even though we call it a vegetable) because we don’t eat the leaves we’re actually eating the seeds.  Another common misconception is that of green beans & lima beans as being vegetables when they are actually legumes.  Get a can of mixed vegetables and very little of it is actually vegetable it’s mostly a mix of Tubers & Legumes and V8 Juice with it’s “high” percent of daily allowance actually only has a small percentage that is Truly vegetable.

While we’re not big salad eaters  around here we do like a variety of vegetables or well errr… what’s called “vegetables”.  If we’re going to have salad we much prefer green leafy lettuces like Romaine, Red Leaf, and Green Leaf.  Not really a big fan of Iceberg lettuce which is mostly water and has very little actual nutritional value.  As for “Vegetables” (or rather Tubers, Legumes, etc) we use them a lot in stir fry and soup.  Things like Tuna and Chicken Salad should (in our opinion) be heavy on the “vege” side.  And the trimmings of said “Vegetables”????  Used to make a delicious Vegetable Broth