AtoZ-WWater and Watermelon what can I say about these?

Well I can tell you that in all likelihood we don’t drink enough water around here – In fact I’m sure we don’t.   I always have good intentions when it comes to drinking enough water, thinking of the need to keep a water bottle (filled with water) close at hand, but I never seem to quite obtain the goal to the level I should.


I believe the old rule was the 8×8 (8 – 8oz glasses a day) rule.  Another rule of thumbs indicates that for each time you go to the bathroom you should drink a certain amount of water – It goes without saying that the absence of going to the restroom should be met with even more liquid intake.   There is another rule of thumb that uses the color of your pee to indicate level of hydration or dehydration (the darker the piss, the more water you n


Speaking of enough liquids a big tall glass of  something refreshing sounds really good about now.