AtoZ-Y “Is it OR Is it not a Yam???”

Did you know that what many people call yams are not actually yams, but sweet potatoes.  To be honest, I’m not sure I totally understand the difference.  Here’s a few links that explains the differences:

The three yams (or sweet potatoes??) that I am aware of are White, Jewel, and Garnet.  The white is pretty self explanatory.  The Garnet is the redder of the latter two, white Jewel is more of an orangish color inside.  Also, the outside of the Garnet is slightly darker (or deeper) in color than is the Jewel.  There may be more varieties, but these are the three I regularly see.

We have found that using sweet potatoes with regular to make mashed potatoes gives it a nice (sweet) touch.   A one to four ratio (of sweet to regular) works wonderfully.   The one we’ve done most often is white sweet potatoes with  baby white potatoes or (and here’s where it again get s tricky for me) either the baby gold or baby rose (I’m having trouble remembering which is the lighter of the two)….  Another one to try would be a Jewel with the darker of the two (rose or gold).   With the Jewel, of course, your going to get a more orangish/yellowish color to your mashed potatoes.

Of course  there’s always sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (a Thanksgiving tradition for most people)….  Just be careful when your melting those marshmallows on top – They can puff up real quick and go everywhere….  Not to mention, they can go from  ok to *ohhh shit* in a matter of minutes (or less).