AtoZ-ZOooops…  Almost forgot the final post of the A-to-Z Challenge – Letter Z…

This was a tough one….  The only thing that readily comes to mind (really the only thing that comes to mind) is zucchini.  The problem is I have absolutely no idea what to write.  Stuff about Zucchini bread is like a dime a dozen all over the internet.  We have made a Banana-Zucchini bread once or twice that came out quite well.The only other thing that comes to mind is StirFry —  It does work well in stir=fry believe it or not.   If you want to take the extra time there’s also breading & frying it.   Haven’t tried this one yet.

So how did you all do on the challenge?  Did you make it through.   Except for letter X (of which I could think of absolutely nothing at all), I think we did pretty good here.   Have a Marvelous May everyone!!