I actually managed to survive the A-to-Z Challenge , for the most part, doing the challenge on not one but two different blogs. When I first started off my theme was going to be “Hodge-Podge” – Just a mix of whatever I came up with related to our family…. It quickly turned into “Family Food” – a look at different foods and what we thought of them as a family, how we used them, etc. I think I only missed one letter, letter X (I had no idea what to even do with that one). Between the two blogs, this was the easier one as it didn’t require the level of research the other blog did. That’s not to say it was super easy here either…. Trying to think of something to write for each letter was challenging in its own way – Some letters more challenging than others.

And in case your wondering about this “other” blog…. Check it out. I go into more about meeting new & old (last year) bloggers and whether or not I’ll be back next year.