Earlier today I heard the phrase (or rather word) religiously.  I can’t remember at this point (it’s been a long day) what this was in reference to – I can’t even say that it had anything to do with religion itself…  But it got me to thinking what do the words religious, and religiously mean?

So let’s turn to Webster (unfortunately it’s not “Miriam Webster”):


Pertaining or relating to religion; concerned with religion; set apart for purposes connected with religion; imbued with religion; pious; defout; dovted by vows to the practice of religion or to a monastic life (a religious order); bound by some solemn obligation; bound by some solemn obligation; scrupulously  faithful.


In a religious manner; piousluy; reverently; strictly; conscientiously

I was sort of hoping to find a definition that didn’t relate the words only to religion but in a more generic sense…   After all the terms are often used outside of religion  for example someone who religiously exercises every day  or is religious about eating only health foods.

How is it that it is easy to think of being religious and doing things religiously when it comes to eating healthy and exercise.  But when it comes to relating it to religion – Not so easy.  I am far from being the epitome of a religious person (at least not in my eyes).  I know there is much I do wrong and while I don’t go around making of a habit of doing that which would be considered sinful, I am far from perfect and far from being sin-free.  When we think of  being religious (in relation to God and religion), we should think of terms of being steadfast and never-moving, of being set apart.  We should be diligent in our faithfulness.   Never ceasing, despite what is thrown at us.