I orginally wrote this on my “Jottings and Writings” blog in 2011. The event actually occurred in 2009

Jottings and Writings

I write this story in a humorous way, but I can assure you that at the time it was not so funny.  It was only afterwards that the humor in it was appreciated….

 As I mentioned in a previous blog, my husband had suffered a Stroke.  One day, during his hospital stay, the nurse came in to check on him.  Not too much earlier, he had been down to radiology (?) for a CT Scan and they had given him a little something to sedate him a bit since being in enclosed places (like a CT Scan) tends to freak my husband out – seeing as how he was squished under a wall when he injured over 20 years ago (yes, even this much later being in tight, enclosed places like that affect him).  So anyway, the nurse had come in to check on him and was asking…

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