I originally wrote this on my “Jottings and Writings” Blog. The event actually occurred in 2009

Jottings and Writings

Just a short blog this time 🙂  Wanted to share this experience that actually happened over two years ago when my husband suffered a stroke.  Click HERE to Read the blog I wrote about his Stroke as well the FUNNY event that took place during that time.  Read about Strokes HERE and the American Stroke Association

After all was said & done, we got a bill in the mail from the ambulance company….  Somehow payment (via Insurance was declined – The reason being: “Non-necessary Emergency Transport.”  Our first reation was WTF??!!!  Not necessary.  A college age kid who lifts couches by himself couldn’t get my husband out of bed & into his chair.  it took 3 or 4 paramedics/firefighters to get husband into chair and out to the stetcher….  Ohhhh and his BP was 250/150 and he was diagnosed with a hemmorhagic (??) type stroke…. Yeah right – Emergency Transport…

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