I originally wrote this on my “Jottings and Writings” blog in 2011. The event actually occurred a few years earlier in 2009

Jottings and Writings

God works in amazing ways.  One example of this I learned a couple years ago when my husband suffered a stroke.  There was no warning signs that anything was amiss, nothing to signal that a stroke would occur.  He was wanting to talk to the “man” of the house where we were living and had asked me to ask said man to come back to our bedroom.  Let me interject here that my husband is in a wheelchair and was not having the best of days that day as far as getting up & about.  Anyway, I was reluctant to go and ask the gentleman to come back to our room since he had just sat down with his own family to watch TV and I hated to bother him.  But, at my husband’s insisting, I ended up going out there and asking him to come back….  As the “meeting”…

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