This little 10 question, getting to know you post that I saw over at Writing Wings for You (originally shared by FlippyZipFlop) looked like fun, so I gave it a go on my personal blog and my writing blog. Then I thought, “what the heck” I’ll try it over here as well. Not sure how it’ll go, but I’m willing to try 🙂

1. How long have you been blogging and what possessed you to start?
As a whole? A couple years… Here? Just a few months. Actually I had this blog sitting on hold for a while. It was going to be the family blog about living in the (sort of) country or on a very small farm-like place, but that never happened (likely never will at this stage of the game. Seeing that was going to be the case, i decided I’d go in a different direction.

2. What do you like to blog about?
I can’t say we are a family of excitement, with all sorts of exciting things to blog about… And, to be honest, my blogs (I’m really the only one who does blog) here are somewhat sparse (though I do make an attempt to get on here on a regular basis). Most of the blogs are either related to our Maine Coone “Meekah”
And “In The Kitchen“. I’d also like to start including stuff posts relating to my husband’s being in a wheelchair (as well as having suffered a stroke a few years back- No, that’s not what put him in the wheelchair).

3. What types of bloggers do you follow?
Seeing as how I’m the only one who really follows blogs, you can see my answers over I my personal blog Jottings and Writings and on my writing blog Taini’s Writings. My husband does follow a couple “blogs” mostly having to do with trains… Know what the term Ferroequinologist means???

4. What country are you from. If from the US, what state?
U.S. Arizona

5. Have you ever been published?

6. Are you a writer or a photographer?
Little of both. Posts here tend to be short and I do tend to use pictures to get ideas across.

7. Tell me one thing (or several) that makes you unique.
Well, let’s see… The Husband is in a wheelchair due to a construction type accident (don’t know that we ever blogged about that) and The Son has high functioning Autism (he just barely makes the scale above Aspergers). There is a good chance he will out grow or learn to cope/manage.
Hubby is into trains & scripture study and Son likes science and creating/building.

8. Name one positive attribute you have that helps in making this world a better place.
Nothing to put here… Next…

9. Do you have any children? If so, how many and what ages?
As I mentioned, we have the one son who recently turned 13. In Jewish thought, he is now – officially – a Young Man. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot for him (and us as parents) to learn… And, no doubt, frustration and tears (on all our parts) along the way.