At first I thought it was spelled something like “Sholo” but, No, it’s Show – Low (damn, I knew I should have grabbed a picture of one of the signs we passed).  So how did “Show Low” get its unique name?  Well, according to legend, two guys (I believe ranchers – from what my husband was telling me)  had decided that there was not enough room in the area (this was before it had become a town) for the two of them.  A marathon card game of Show Low was played in order to determine who would have the right to stay and who would have to be heading on their way…

I don’t know much about the game of Show Low, but apparently the goal is to show the lowest cards (thus the name Show Low).

If you go to the Wikipedia site for Show Low, Arizona it tells more about the town and the legend of the name.

We were only in Show Low over night for a wedding.  We had arrived the night before, spent most of the next day at the wedding and then left for home shortly after.  We didn’t get to see much of Show Low, but what we was pretty nice.   I’d have to say that Show Low looked to be a pretty decent size little town.