I woke up this morning (Saturday) and realized that I never did my Gratitude Friday post yesterday.  I could take the easy way out and just say, “well, life happens”, besides it is Saturday already so I should just let it go, right?!?   The problem?  I feel bad about taking the easy rode on and just skipping on only my second week of doing this.

As is usual around here, Fridays are generally a bit busy as we prepare for shabbat and the weekend.  No, we don’t go all out and make it fancy but we do try to prepare a simple nice meal for the family as well as preparing food for the weekend so we don’t have to cook.  To be honest, we don’t do any real heavy cleaning but do try to do some general clean up like sweeping & mopping (the major part of which we usually get done earlier in the week) and cleaning dishes – little things like that.  Of course, there’s also the every day stuff that gets done as well.

On this particular Friday my son also was going on a weekend camp-out with his scout troop.  It was a bit last minute as the main camp-out is set for next weekend.  The camp out this week is a “Webelos Woods” camp-out with the pack associated with the troop my son is apart of.  Next week is the troop’s actual weekend camp out.

I think my intro into this post has gotten way to long but I will say that the last part about the camp-out is one thing to add to my list of “Gratitudes”….

1) I am Thankful that my son is such a part of a wonderful troop.    Because he does have a degree of autism (though he is extremely high-functioning and only makes the diagnosis by a hair-pin margin) he has difficulty in fitting in and understanding things like social cues.  He really seems to fit in well with this troop.  Better than I think he has with any other troop (or even pack) that he’s been apart of.  I got a picture of him carrying his gear filled duffle bag (though I had to stage a bit as he was already putting it down when I was about to take the picture…  I did get him to lift it up for me again.


2) The second thing I am thankful for is the weekend.  Being a wife and a mom, obviously you can’t just take the day off because it is Saturday.  They still have there needs – usually those needs are from my husband needing help with something that he ins’t able to do himself (I have mentioned before that he has a spinal cord injury and is a T-12 partial paraplegic).  But at least on Saturdays there isn’t any running around to do or errands to run,there isn’t any cooking to do, we don’t do any housecleaning (except for maybe things like rinsing dishes), and the home-office related stuff (that isn’t crtical) gets put on hold till at least Saturday night.  Saturday in particular is generally a day to relax and enjoy.  Sunday is too to a degree, but it is also a catch-up day and not always as relaxing.  Saturday is also a day to stop and view/review the emails and links I save, during the weekend, that have to do with torah study.  I don’t spend all day at it (I’m not anywhere near that devout) but I do read and watch a few videos.

3)  The last thing on my list is….. Hmmm the first two were pretty easy to come up with, but the third seems to require a bit of digging.  I mean there is so much that one can be thankful for, so many little things that it’s hard to know what to write.  Some of the things are things that every one puts (like family, home, food, shelter, friends, etc)  some of it seems downright silly (like computer, phone, etc)….  I think the one thing that I am thankful for is my ability to read.  I love to read, always have.  I know there are those out there who can’t read easily (some unable to read at all).  I think there is a saying that says that ‘The ability to read can open up a whole new world’.  There is a lot of truth to that. With the ability to read comes the ability to gain knowledge and learn new things.  And then there is the sheer enjoyment of losing ones self in a book.

I don’t have any of me reading but did have a couple of my son (yes he looks like a girl here) who, like his mom & dad, also loves to read.