Here’s a quick cleaning tip if you have problems with hard water, like we do here in Tucson.  This tip was actually shared with me by my son’s grandmother… I say son’s grandmother and not my mother as she is not my biological mother and is my son’s grandmother both through marriage (and because she has been like a grandmother to him pretty much from the day he was born)…

She recommended that we get a pumice stone to scrape the “hard water stains” off the toilet.    While at the local 99cent store I looked for one hoping I could get something real cheap, but didn’t find anything.  Today, I had the thought, “why not use my old foot stone.”  I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it on my foot again, but it was worth a try to see how it would work.

The toilet bowl looks a whole lot better than it did though it could use some more scrubbing and I’m thinking an actual stone without a handle would be easier to maneuver……



The first picture is mine & my husband’s toilet. The second is our son’s/guest toilet.