Thought I’d share this blog post I wrote, a couple years back, on a neat idea to do with the thanksgiving leftovers.  It actually turned out pretty good and I think we may do the same thing again this year.  Hopefully the “recipe” makes sense.

I’m going to go ahead and copy the post straight over here  so you an just read.


I had hoped to take some pictures as we made this so I could include pictures in my post. Instead I’ll use the pictures I have of the components and explain each step – Not that there’s all that much to this simple recipe.

So just what is Thanksgiving Casserole? It’s the components of items that you would expect to see on a Thanksgiving table and then wonder what to do with the leftovers when everything is said and done.

Start with the Sweet Potatoes:

Remove the marshmallows (or marshmallow cream) from the top and mash the potatoes (kind of like your making mashed potatoes).

Next shred the left over turkey:

(We infused ours with cranberry juice – obtained from the making of our cranberry-orange sauce/relish earlier)

Place shredded turkey over the mashed sweet potatoes (we only used turkey in this layer, but suppose you could add onions or whatever).

Next, cover the Turkey with Cranberry Sauce (In our case it was Cranberry-Orange)

Last, add the dressing to the top:

this is what it looks like in the pan after it’s done cooking:

Unfortunately all you can see is the dressing on top.

The Cooking by the way was done in a 350 degree oven until warm.  If all your components were cooked correctly at Thanksgiving Dinner then there’s no reason to worry here about cooking everything the proper amount of time as all your really doing is reheating already cooked foods.
And here it is on the plate ready to be served.

(I have to apologize as this did not come out of the pan as neatly as I hoped – A piece of the bottom came apart.  That and the picture was too close-up.)