I know we’ve missed a few “Gratitude Fridays”  (Ok more than a few, if I’m not mistaken)….  I keep meaning to ask the rest of the family for their input, but when you have a husband who isn’t all that interested in the whole “blogging” thing and a 13 year old son who (seems to) have a hard time thinking of things to be grateful for – Can’t say I blame him,  I find it hard to come up with stuff myself without sounding cliche-ish….  Well let’s just say that I don’t get much help in that department – though I’m sure if I were to “press” they’d come up with ‘something’.

For now guess it’ll just me taking a stab at this, so here goes….

1) Rain – As much as I don’t enjoy getting soaking wet (not like I did as a child when I would go out and play in the rain in a t-shirt and jumper dress)  there is still something refreshing about rain.

2) Flowers – I love the site and smell of flowers.  What more can I say.

3) Mountains –  There’s just something neat about mountains.