When I first created Life Happens, back in 2012, we were still living in Texas and were looking at buying a small bit of land out in the country somewhere.  We had thoughts of basically “farming” on a VERY small scale – you know, basically enough for the three of us for the most part.  Life Happens (which I believe may have been named differently back then) was created to write about the experiences there of.  Well things didn’t go as we had planned (funny how Life Happens that way).    So “Life Happens” got put on the back burner…  That is until January of this year.  Hard to believe I’ve had this blog up and running (not counting the couple of posts back in 2012) for nearly a year.  I started out (or should I say re-started out) with the Zero to Hero done by Word Press – ReStarting and ReVamping.

Word Press Stats claim that our top 5 viewed posts are:

#5 – Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge:  Week 62 (with 16 views)

#4 – Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge:  Week 31 (with 17 views)

#3 – The Family – About Page (also with 17 views)

#2 – Simple, Delicious Tuna Casserole (with with 23 views)

And the Most Viewed post of 2014….

#1 – What Do You Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers (with a whopping 40 views)

And that the 5 Most Liked are (well 3 – WordPress is only showing 3):

#3 – Potato Latke Pancakes (anyone notice the double speak there)

#2 – Gratitude Friday – December 19, 2014 (Set out to do these every friday and failed 😦 )

#1 – Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge:  Week 68

I’m assuming of course that the likes are being shown with the most liked on top since I don’t see a “like” count (unless  go searching through the various posts)

Well here’s my faves from the year (I would ask the rest of the family but I highly doubt I’d get much of an answer besides, “whatever…  you choose”

January: Vegetable Scraps was a fun post, showing how we use our vege scraps to make delicious & nutritious broth for soups.

February: Shared a couple “Selfie’s” of the family – Well as close as I could get since the pics were actually taken by others, so guess they really wouldn’t count would they.

March: I think I may just try this Rainbow Stir Fry again sometime.

April: April was pretty much all about the A-to-Z Challenge (think they’re all tagged) with a few Weekly Pet Challenges for good measure.

May: Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 36 (she just jumped up in there and made herself comfy.

June: I reblogged about my husband’s stroke  (which actually happened back in 2009 and was originally blogged about on Jottings and Writings).


At the Hospital – Funny (well sort of, you had to be there)

Non Necessary Emergency Transport (a WTF rant)

July: Ohh my, only 2 posts this month.  By far my favorite was the lightening show – I love Thunder and Lightening.

August: Hard to choose.  the Ten Questions shared by Writing Wings for You were kind of fun  but then the excitement of finding a Sink Strainer I Like was also up there (too bad I can’t find them as cheap as I did before).

September: The flood we had this month was pretty amazing…  Infact  I was told by a couple people who have lived here for quite a while that the Like Not Seen in 15 Years (ok, pardon the bad grammar.  I was trying to make the title fit.

October: I learned something new in these Comforting Words.

November:   One of the most used oils in our house is Peppermint Oil

December: Just some thoughts, for what it’s worth – It Doesn’t Matter Where You Sit.


All in All it’s been a good year…    I have another quick post to put up and then I’ll/We’ll probably see you all in 2015.