Howdy all,  it’s “The Wife” – Otherwise known as Tena from Jotting and Writings & Public Safety Tidbits; And Taini (from which my mom derived my name)  from Taini Writes – but really I just go by Tena.

Enough of the lengthy intros….  Head over to my post on Jottings and Writings to read how it is I found out about this whole Weekend Coffeee Share thing.

I know it’s suppose to be a coffee share, but then not everyone goes for coffee so I’ll (virtually) offer whatever it is you’d like – though we don’t have any alcoholic beverages around here, so no beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, etc..  We do have tea (hot or iced, some soda, water, lime-aide, and (of course) there’s coffee….

Nearly a month ago my son ranked up, in Scouts, to the level of First Class scout.  This is is the last of the “learning about/learning to be a scout” type ranks.  Now he starts working on his Star, the first of the “leadership” type ranks.  He seems to be interested in working towards his “Eagle” eventually.  to get your “Eagle” rank is not an easy task and for someone like our son it is even more difficult.  Still, it is good to see that he is interested in trying – even though right now it seems an amazement that he was able to to rank up to where he is now, seeing as how getting him to do the things he needs to do to rank up is like pulling teeth (even when he says he wants to continue in scouting and enjoys it).  I’ve been told that’s pretty normal for teen-age boys of his age in general.

Our son also completed his first year of “Junior High”.  It was quite a change from the whole “elementary school” setting.  This was his first year dealing with multiple classes and multiple teachers; As well as having to be responsible for getting alls his homework done and turned in with proper headings (name, date, class name, etc).  Not that he wasn’t responsible for it before, but it Junior High the responsibility ramps up a level.  Teachers no longer take the effort, as they do in elementary school, to figure out who an unnamed paper belongs to and if they do the paper gets docked points (and sometimes even receives a zero grade).  In high school, no name = no grade – period! End of Story! (at least that is my understanding and memory of my own high school days).  I can’t say that it’s been a perfect year for him but he has “risen to the occasion” and despite some up & downs has done reasonably well his first year of Junior High.

As for the rest of the family well,  I’ve already “wrote” about what’s been going on with me over on my Jottings and Writings blog (and will write some more on Taini Writes & Public Safety).  “The husband” put together a couple book shelves (that are also the base to his model railroad) with “The Son” a while back.  They have one more left to build.  The Husband has also been involved with a model railroad group on-line, though he wasn’t doing as much with that the past week as (what we think was) a change in medicine had him a bit out of sorts for several days over the last weekend.  He had a really really bad (the kind that brought tears to the eyes) headache kept him from doing much of anything.  The only thing we could find that answers why he’d have such a bad headache was a low (for him anyway) blood pressure, his blood sugars were just fine.

So that’s a bit of what’s been going on with our family.  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week.