Hey everyone!!  Hope you’ve had a wonderful week.  Time for another weekend coffee share, so come on in and join me for a cuppa – coffee or tea (hot or iced).  It’s been pretty hot around here so you might prefer iced and as late as it is, you might not (or might)  want coffee.

Let’s see, I already told you about some of the projects we were working on over last weekend (which kind of straddled between last week and this week (as I’m considering a week to be from Sunday to Saturday…  We got the clothes line up and I was able to start hanging clothes on it to dry (sure beats having to turn on the AC to combat the heat from the dryer).  We also moved the dresser in my son’s room from it’s location in the closet to its new location under his bed.  I don’t know how you’d describe the bed or what it’s called.  As you can imagine, it’s set up high as there’s enough room for a dresser to go underneath.  Picture a bunk bed but with only the top bunk (or bed).  Anyway, the move was necessitated by how tall our son has grown (5 feet at the last doctor visit) and the fact that his clothes were skimming the top of his dresser.

This week’s excitement was getting our son ready to go to his third year at Camp Geronimo (Scout Summer Camp).  In fact, we were up at 5am or so doing last minute preps and were out the door shortly after 7am to head to the drop-off point.  He returns home in a week.  No doubt one tired  filthy (but hopefully happy) boy.  He’ll be home for a week and then it’s off to another camp (CFI), but I’ll save that for another coffee share.

Have an awesome weekend, and a blessed week ahead.  See you all next week