Hey there everyone.  Hoping you and yours had a most blessed week and weekend.  Time for another weekend coffee share.

What was the most exciting thing that happened to you this last week?

The most exciting thing for our family this last week was that my son was off for his third consecutive year at the Scout Summer Camp at Camp Geronimo.  The bad part is that he really couldn’t remember what he had done there…  Due, in part, to the fact that he was concentrating more on other things that remembering much of anything he had done.  I’d like to be able to say that it was all due to having a tremendously wonderful time at camp but while he did seem to have a good time, I can’t say that that was the only thing on his mind.  That son of ours always seems to have something on his mind.  Sometimes good; Sometimes, well…..  Today he is spending the day with great grandma and they are suppose to go out to dinner this evening.  Perhaps later this evening/night or tomorrow I will try again to see if he can tell me something about camp (though admittedly getting him to tell you what he’s done during the course of a week, or even a day, is akin to pulling teeth – impossible).

There’s a couple projects that we hope to work on this week while our son is home and then it’s off to another camp next week…  Stay-tuned next week and I’ll tell you how the week went.  In the meantime, have a blessed and wonderful week ahead.

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