Hello there.  Ready for another WeekendCoffeeShare?  I know I am.

How’s your week been?

My son was home this last week between 2 different Scout Summer Camps — In fact, he just left, this morning, for the second of the two camps.  It’s his first experience at this second camp, and I told him I wanted to hear all about how it went when I pick him up on Saturday.

Technically speaking, it is preferred that the boys going to this camp be 14 or older since there are a few things the boys HAVE to be 14 to do…  The other reason the younger boys don’t go is so that they can get the experience from Camp Geronimo (which has a lot more of the orientation & beginner type stuff that CFI doesn’t have)….  So our son is one of the younger boys going (at least from his troop anyway).  CFI is also a little bit further away than is Geronimo.  I’ll have to let you know at next week’s Coffee Share what I learn.

Till we meet again next week… Have a Blessed and Wonderful Week Everyone