Hi there, time for another coffee share or (what the heck) tea – take your choice.  I actually like a bit of hot tea in the evening time, but right now it’s too hot to be drinking hot tea.

As I mentioned last week, my son was off to the second of the two scout summer camps he was doing this summer.  I mentioned over on Jottings and Writings that he came home yesterday.  He told me it was okay but he found the schedule at the second camp (Camp Fiesta Island) to be more boring.  according to him it was the same schedule day in and day out where as the other camp has a little bit of a variety throughout the week….  He also said that the line for the canteen was so long at the second camp that you took most all of your “free time” waiting to get in to the canteen…  Nonetheless, he seemed to have a good time…  Next year he’s talking about wanting to work at Camp Geronimo as a junior counselor, maybe.

Another thing, we finally got the shelves hung in the kitchen that the husband has been wanting to do for the longest time.

Hate to run on you like this, but I need to get things wrapped up and head out to the store again so I can get what I need to make Banana-Chocolate Chip (with peanut butter?) cupcakes with chocolate and peanut butter swirl frosting.  That, and popcorn for movie night…  As soon as the rain lets up a little bit —  It just came out of nowhere.

Hoping you all had a wonderful and blessed week.  I’d love to hear about it but gotta run too.