Hi everyone.  How’d your week go (last week I mean?).  Hope you had a wonderful fourth of july.  Hopefully you also kept in mind and were respectful of the fact that the sights and sounds of fireworks are not appreciated by all —  “Do What??  What’d she just say??  Not appreciated, Surely…..”  Before you go off thinking I’ve lost my marbles or something.  Remember that there are Combat Vets out there who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  While to us, Fireworks may seem like nothing but perhaps a small annoyance if someone gets overly exuberant with them – To someone with PTSD it can cause a very different reaction.  To a combat vet suffering PTSD those sounds mimic that of explosions, bombings and shells detonating.  A good friend of the family told me that she would find her late husband (RIP) crouched down next to a car or something with his hands over his head, just from the sounds  of fireworks…  In his mind, he was back in the war (I do not know which one he was in).  I know fourth of july weekend is about over, but something to keep in mind.

We didn’t really get much done last week – at least not any projects.  The husband was hoping to get another shelf built for the office/train-room, only to realize that the wood we have isn’t cut to the right length (or evenly for that matter).  Need to take it over to the local Home Depot or Lowes and get it cut to the correct length.  We’re also looking at possibly building similar shelves to go in the corner of our living room.

Also have the idea that if we can sell these guys….

We can use the money from that to get some actual book shelves to take their place that would be more suited to our needs.  I mean it’s a lovely piece but just doesn’t serve our purpose.

Had a meeting at the house for our son’s Aspergers…  Basically just a check-up meeting – See how things are going, See if there’s any services we can utilize through that particular organization.  He (our son) goes to a group meeting tomorrow with other boys about his age or bit older.  He seems to do really well in the group and I think being around other kids his age and learning to deal with some of the emotions and such he’s experiencing is good for him.

Last Tuesday was suppose to be a swim party for the Scouts but the pool they were going to go to had to be closed due to weather – especially considering we were expecting the possibility of ground strike lightening (and I know I didn’t say that right at all).

Well, I’ve probably taken enough of your time.  I’m sure you’ve all got things to do, I know I do.  Need to get some serious writing for Camp NaNo (head over to Taini Writes to read more on that), just as soon as I head over to Public Safety Tidbits.

Before you leave, I hope you’ll head over to Diane’s Part-Time Monster.  She really does a wonderful job bringing these Weekend Coffee Shares 🙂