Jumping in for a quick Weekend Coffee Share

Getting close to dinner time around here.  Tonight’s faire will be a basic chicken(?) stir-fry and a salad.

Well, the good news is that we got the boards cut for making more shelves….  the bad news???   We never got around to actually doing any building on the shelves.

Our son took off yesterday for a week (approximately) long drive, with great gramma, to meet up with grandpa.  He’ll be there about a week before heading home.  He’s gone to visit grandpa plenty of times (even flown by himself a good number of those times) but this is a pretty big deal trip for him.  Not only is he driving down just him and G.Gma, but he also will be changing planes during the flight home.  He will be getting an escort from one plane to the next, but still — not the same as just staying on the same flight, non-stop.  As for the trip down he’s got some pre-set chores that he will be responsible for, including water hook-up, TV hook-up, and trash run….  Ohhh and he gets to practice his navigation skills using a paper map.

That’s about it for this week’s coffee share.  Guess I’ll see you next week (maybe I won’t be so rushed).

~ The Wife