Jumping in for a quick Weekend Coffee Share

I think I’ve still got time to get my Coffee Share post done.   We (the family) were just at a special movie event.  Got home a couple hours ago but had a few things to catch up on before I could get back to my blogposting.

The big news is that our son headed off with great grandma for a trip to Oregon in her RV.  From what we hear, the trip went really well.  He flew back home on Saturday.

I’d try and share what all’s been going on around here but I’m not even sure I remember.  I really should.  I’ts not like there’s been this big long list of things of exciting things to share.

It does seem like every time I turn around there’s something to be done or errands to run.    As the wife, sometimes it feels like I’m running in circles accomplishing.  At the end of the day, I feel exhausted and not a dang thing to show for my exhaustion.

Well  I’m gonna do some relaxing.  Hope you all have an awesome week.  Hopefully I’ll be back next week.