This go-round, I’m offering coffee (or tea or whatever your pleasure) with a side of apology…  I really did have every intention of returning for our weekly coffee share  a lot sooner than this.

So what’s been going on around here you ask??  Well, our son started back to school the very last week of July.  The school he goes to actually starts on Thursday so that they have 2 days to get the preliminary stuff done before the weekend, and then start a fresh new week ready to get into academics & learning.  Here it is labor day weekend and he’s already been back at a school a full 5 weeks already.  He decided that he wanted to join Cross Country team again this year and had his first meet  August 29.  He came in last, but he finished strong.

Not much news for the rest of the family.  Pretty much business as usual.

I think the weather is beginning to try and cool down a bit…  Sometimes I don’t think it can make up it’s mind.  We’ve been getting some rain off and on which tends to cool things down a bit, but then you got the mugginess to go with it.  We have been hitting highs in the mid to high 90’s the past week or so ( a lot cooler than the low to mid 100’s we’ve been getting the past couple months).  I must say that the Thunderstorms we get are spectacular.

I know I’m probably exaggerating, but it seems like there’s a constant flow of errands to be ran or appointments to go to…  If nothing else there’s things to do around the house or for the family.

I’ll do my honest best to be better at remembering to do the weekly coffee share.  In teh mean time, take a look at this week’s coffee shares  (hosted by Diane at Part Time Monster).  Hope to see you all again next week.  In the mean time.  I hope everyone had a great week and wish you all a wonderful and blessed week ahead – Why don’t you drop a line and let me know how things are gong for you.