The other day I was putting together a meat dish in the crockpot.  One of the ingredients I was to add was part of a small jar of Salsa Verde.  Only seeing one small jar in the fridge, I started to empty the contents without bothering to double check what I had in hand.  I’m not sure what prompted me to check as there wasn’t any strange or weird smells – but check I did…  Turned out I was adding the homemade “Pear Butter” I had made..  I left that in and succeeded to add the Salsa Verde.  We (The Pappa and I) to add a bit of honey.   The dish turned out quite delicious despite mistaking the Pear Butter for Salsa Verde.

For those who celebrate, or know anything about Rosh HaShanna, you know that a common combination is that of Apples & Honey, for a sweet new year….  I guess you could say we came up with a new Rosh HaShanna dish – “Mexican, Rosh HaShanna Roast”….  I wonder how it would taste with Apple Butter instead of Pear Butter.