Hey everyone *Waves*  I think I missed last week…  Can’t find evidence of my blogging anything…  And this week  I’m going to be keeping it short.   I was at the “Climb 4 The Fallen” event here in Tucson and need to get finished with my coffee shares so that I can get on to writing about that over on my Public Safety Tidbits blog.  While I was at that,  the hubby and son went to a local model railroad event.   I have yet to hear about that but I’m sure I will later.

This last week was Rosh HaShannah, so to all  (a bit late)  I wish you L’ShanaTova and May you be Written in the Book of Life for a Good Year.  Earlier (before Rosh HaShannah)  I had, inadvertently, come up with a Rosh HaShannah recipe  (A Tasty Mistake) that came out pretty good –  I wonder what it would taste like with Apple Butter instead of Pear Butter 😛

Have a Blessed and Wonderful week ahead everyone and don’t forget to check out the other Coffee Shares hosted by Diane at PartTime Monster

~ The Wife