As you can see, I completely missed last week.  The past couple/few weeks have been filled with High-Holidays – Rosh HaShannah (meaning Head of the New Year), Yom Kippur (meaning Day of Atonement) or Yom Teruah (meaning Day of Trumpets),  and now we are in the middle of Sukkot.

Our Sukkah isn’t much to speak of as you can see.  The frame of  the wall was done with 2x4s and some tarps we had lying around.  Behind me, in the picture above, there is another tarp that made up the 3rd wall.  We used 1x2s to frame the roof but didn’t quite get them evenly spaced – Not to mention we really could have used more 1x2s (which we didn’t have).  I was having trouble getting the foliage to stay up on the roof.  I’d get a couple branches to stay up, but then as soon as I tried to put some others across the first ones they would fall through frame.  I did finally manage to get a semblance of a roof (made of foliage from an oleander bush in our yard)  up.

While we haven’t done anything major at our house there has been some extra prep-work preparing for said holidays.  Now that the fall High-Holidays are coming to a close, it should start to settle down just a little bit….  Though I’m not sure if that really amounts to much when it comes to opening up time in my schedule.

The other thing that happened this past week was a Parent-Teacher conference with my son’s teachers.

In a little bit we (or at least I) will be heading out to do some of our monthly food & household shopping.

~ The Wife