It’s been a while hasn’t it.  With the Fall Holidays it’s been a bit busy…  Plus, as you know, The Wife recently started a new business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.  Needless to say, with everything going on, it has been  hard for the wife to fo find time for blogging.  We’d like to say that that will change now but you know how it is with family, business, etc.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.

For our “Return Post” Here’s a two-fer:  

We’re joining both Hope The Happy Hugger for the Pet Round-Up (tho it won’t be until the November Round-Up that we’ll have a chance at inclusion).  And we’re Joining Diane/Diana at Part-Time Monster for a Weekend Coffee Share (course there’s also  hot tea & hot cocoa available as well as ice tea and even soda).

To go along with your choice of beverage, we also have some cornflake & oats muffins witn diced apples + glaze.  We ended up with an over abundance of unsweetened cornflakes and decided to try out a recipe we found.  We added flax meal to the mix and put some carroway & fennel seeds on top before baking.  They came our surprisingly delicious especially heated with butter…  The apples & glaze was just an added treat.

Our MeekahKitty (or Queen Meekah, as we sometimes call her) loves to make herself at home on top of blankets and clothes.


   The Wife did get a picture of her lying on some clothes she (the wife) was folding, but the picture was way to blurry to be shown.

In other family news.  Our son ran his last cross-country meet last weekend.  Because of the location of where the rest of the team “set camp”, The Hubby was not able to join but we did find a good spot to watch the runners and got to cheer them on not once but twice,  the final time being the home stretch – time to kick it into gear and (as we tell our son) Turn on those after-burners.   The state championship meet is the first part of November but only the top 8 boys & top 8 girls are invited from each school – I doubt our son will make the cut, but he’s been encouraged to finish the season so he’s eligible for his award at  season end.  The son has stated that he’s not interested in going out for cross-country next year….  Only time will truly tell.  Who knows maybe he’ll change his mind….  Or maybe he’ll decide to give wrestling a try if the option is available to him.